Emergency Light Inspection

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Emergency Light Inspection

Emergency lights are designed to switch on automatically in the event of a power outage or a fire. They use a set of batteries attached to them. Therefore, emergency light inspections are required in all types of commercial and high occupancy residential buildings. However, most people tend to consider emergency lights as an unimportant component of a fire protection system.

Try to get rid of this misunderstanding. Emergency lights are one of the most crucial section in a fire protection system as it provides the guidance to victims especially even in a power outage. Therefore, proper functioning of the emergency light system is critically important.

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Emergency Light Inspection

We are more than happy to provide an excellent emergency light inspection service on your request. We ensure all your illuminated exit signs and emergency lights are operating without any interruption. With our experts, we arrange proper examination, maintenance, and inspection of your emergency lights.

  • Our fault finding and servicing skills draw on our experience and familiarity with the equipment being tested. Reliable Fire & Safety professionals are all fully qualified and experienced enough to take a systematic and professional approach to emergency light inspection.
  • Our inspections engineers are competant enough to identify the root cause for any emegency light malfunctionining issues. They will soon diagnose the root cause so that a problem like that will never happen again.
  • We can diagnose and fix problems with emergency lights, exit lights, and control panels.
  • We will be able to tell you if your emergency light system breakdown or faulty is due to electrical problems. We are qualified to fault find, replace and repair as appropriate.
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Monthly & Annual Emergency Light Inspections

Fire Emergency Light Inspection Vancouver

Exit Light & Emergency Light Inspection

An integral part of a fire protections system is the emergency lighting system. To ensure the safe evacuation of your building, it is imperative that your building’s emergency lighting system and exit signs work effectively and efficiently. To ensure the functionality of your emergency lighting when needed, NFPA 101, the B.C. Fire Code and Vancouver bylaws require you to schedule monthly and annual inspections.

Reliable Fire & Safety technicians will ensure through their inspections that your emergency lighting system meets all necessary requirements.

Monthly Emergency Lighting Inspections

NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and the B.C. Fire Code set out the inspection requirements that include:

  • 30-second quick functional check and battery check to ensure lights work if the primary power supply fails
  • Terminal connections are clean, free of corrosion and lubricated
  • Battery surface is clean and dry
  • Pilot lights are functioning and not obviously damaged or obstructed
Annual Emergency Lighting Inspections
  • Fully inspect all components
  • 90-minute drain test
  • Verify charge voltage and current
  • Check recovery period
  • Check alignment of heads
  • Conduct hazard assessment
  • Provide inspection sticker

Reliable Fire & Safety technicians are fully equipped to carry out all inspections on a monthly and annual basis as in accordance to all requirements.

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