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Fire Safety Plan?

A Fire Safety Plan is a manual that holds vital information and safety procedures for the property for public safety. The British Columbia Fire Code requires specific properties, based on building use or occupancy type, to create and maintain a Fire Safety Plan.

Pre-Incident Plan?

A Pre-Incident Plan is a site plan of a building or a property to be used by, and guarantee the safety of our firefighters. BC Fire & Rescue Services requires a Pre-Incident Plan to be submitted along with the Fire Safety Plan.

Program Timeline

If a property owner has received a request from BC Fire & Rescue to update their Fire Safety Plan, they should contact a Fire Safety Planning Service provider of their choosing submit a letter of intent to BC Fire & Rescue.

Explore How We Can Design And Improve Your Fire Safety Plan.

We have an excellent team here at Reliable Fire & Safety with highly competent, trained professionals who excel at their own individual responsibilities.

We pride ourselves on having real values.

  • An honest hard day’s work
  • Work well & be the best you can be
  • Be proud of your achievements and always strive for excellence
  • Respect the clients property with due care & attention

All of these skills are carried out to the highest standard and in conjunction with fire regulations. Reliable Fire & Safety is fully certified and competant enough to design your fire plan and provide the best fire training you need. We like working with our clients, giving them a special, flexible service with the understanding that sometimes the needs of the clients can be changed according to the envioronement they are in. We remain flexible to this whilst offering you the best fire safety plan together with high standard fire training.

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Fire Safety Plan & Training

We design fire safety plans that give peace of mind to you and for your employees

Our enthusiasm for your fire safety plan design and fire training will definitely save you from the danger. With years of experience in designing fire safety plans, offering training to train people to face emergencies, as well as performing fire drills on clients requests, we have made our clients satisfied with our work.

The Fire Safety Plan Services will include:

  • Sounding the alarm
  • Notifying the fire department
  • Instructing occupants on procedures to be followed when the fire alarm sounds
  • Evacuating occupants, including special provisions for persons requiring assistance
  • Fire safety duties for appointed staff
  • Staff responsibilities for fire safety
  • Documents, including location and operation of the building’s emergency system
  • Inspection of fire extinguishers and maintenance of building facilities to help ensure the safety of the occupants.

Our Service

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Prior to the Intallation

Prior to the fire protection installation process, we will schedule a consultation with you. During the consultation, we will walk through the building analyzing everything to set up a most effective fire safety plan.

By filling out a fire safety plan questionnaire, our specialist collects all the data needed to develop a plan. If you have asked us to provide fire extinguishers and/or fire safety plan boxes, our expert organizes the parts and sends them to you, or assign a professional to install the materials.

Fire Safety Plan is a Detailed Information

Fire safety plans include detailed information about your building and emergency procedures that save lives.

The information will cover:

  • How to control fire hazards in your premisis
  • Credentials of assets
  • Building schematic level and site plans
  • All inclusive fire safety building audit report
  • Schedule maintenance for the building’s fire protection equipment
  • Fire drill methods and documentation
  • Detailed emergency procedures for occupant
  • Prepare hard and paperless copy of the completed fire safety plan to you and the fire department
  • Production of the safety plan text
  • Production of plan drawings that meet local bylaw standards
  • We provide you with an authenticity certificate that shows a fire plan is in place
  • A Fire department’s approval letter for the fire safety plan available upon request

Should you be interested in our fire safety plan and design.

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