Fire Suppression Installation

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We will install, maintain, repair and design the right gas or chemical fire suppression system to suit your needs. We will provide you with the right fire safety equipment, including fire extinguishers to aid in fire suppression.

Types of Fire Extinguishers for Fire Suppression

Chemical and gas fire suppression systems are used in procedures where water is either an improper extinguishing agent or where water could cause irreversible destruction to a building’s contents.

Reliable Fire & Safety Suppression System Installation

We provide fire extinguisher and suppression system installation. Our fire suppression systems go through a fully calculated design process. We ensure arrangement is optimal and will give you with the fire protection you need.

Testing After Installation

We will make sure your fire suppression system is ready to function for any emergency situations. Fire suppression systems are an important asset to the protection of your organization, but building the right system for your company can be a daunting task.

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Fire Suppression System

If you are beginning to think about installation of the fire suppression system, then we offer the most reliable and affordable fire suppression systems. We are highly experienced in all aspects of fire suppression systems, and pride ourselves on being a reliable and trustworthy company.

Matching Your Needs

Reliable Fire & Safety’s experienced team can assist you in selecting and installing the fire suppression system that best suits your needs.


Our evaluations are based on performance, cost, logistics, maintenance requirements and safety.

Selection of Best Suppression System

The choice between a water based, chemical based or gas based fire suppression system would be dependent upon the requirements of your facility.

Following Industry Regulations

The installation of your fire protection system is in accordance to all regulatory requirements and policies.

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Using the Reliable Fire & Safety suppression installation process we guide our clients step-by-step.

At Reliable Fire & Safety, we need to offer you with the real fire security service in B.C. We are ready to provide you the best suppression solutions for you.

We bring the equivalent expertise and excellent service rules to a comprehensive range of fire protection services, from installation to monitoring and inspections to improve.

If you depend on us at Reliable Fire & Safety for installation, monitoring, and inspections, co-ordination is simpler. There is limited opportunity for miscommunication and error. Also, it becomes our sole duty to take care of your fire suppression system and repair it.

When protecting occupied spaces and critical assets, your best option will be a clean gas fire suppression system. That makes it perfect for areas where high-value equipment must remain operational.

Reliable Fire & Safety is an authorized company for installation of the clean gas fire suppression system which is another excellent example of our unwavering commitment to quality fire protection.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2), extinguishes fire primarily by reducing the oxygen in the atmosphere and giving some cooling. CO2 extinguishers can penetrates an entire hazard area within seconds.

CO2 typically does not harm equipment, materials or property. It does not cause spoilage, requires no cleaning and leaves no excess. CO2 does not conduct electricity, making it ideal for a wide variety of unique applications. CO2 is active on a wide range of combustible materials. It operates on both surface and deep-seated fires.

CO2 fire suppression systems operate by overwhelming an enclosed protected area, or straight applying this gas in suitable quantities and at needed rates to cover the protected hazard.

Dry chemical fire suppression systems are mainly designed to protect automotive shop spray booths and industrial spray booths.

One of the most cost effective means of increasing total usable “living” space in a home is through the addition of an outdoor living space. Without having to build walls, install windows, or extend roofs, the addition of an outdoor living space becomes quite affordable. In fact, with modern technology and a few creative additions, that outdoor living space easily becomes an extension of your home where you can watch a Sunday football game or host a party.


Wet Fire Suppression System

Custom Installation From Tradesmen You Can Trust

In the commercial kitchens such as in hotels, in restaurants and catering facilities, they use grease and oil. These are heated to extremely high temperatures, and such premisis have a higher chance of creating a fire emergency. The best suppressant in these instances of a Class K is a chemical-based foam. The foam extinguishes the fire through saponification – turning the oil or grease into a soapy residue.

We can either place dedicated piping for a wet fire suppression system over your cooking areas and in the ductwork, or, more generally, we can install a pre-engineered wet kitchen hood system with the fire suppression built into it.

In addition to fixed suppression systems, fire extinguishers containing the proper extinguishing agent are part of a comprehensive fire suppression strategy.