Mechanical Fire Protection Installation

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To protect your property and those inside against the threat of fire, the mechanical components of your fire system must be properly installed by certified and licensed technicians. At Reliable Fire & Safety, our personnel ensure that these mechanical components of your fire protection system work as needed, when needed.

The following are the mechanical components of your fire system that we at Reliable Fire & Safety are licensed and certified to install.

  • An automatic sprinkler system combined with a fire alarm system
  • Fire pumps to ensure adequate water pressure to your standpipes and sprinklers.
  • Fire hoses ready for firefighters to battle the blaze.
  • Backflow preventers to ensure no toxic chemicals enter your municipality’s water distribution network.

We will also consider,

  • Your Budget
  • Availability and Reliability
  • Your requirements
  • Efficiency and Power Consumption

Sprinkler systems and back flow preventers are installed in accordance to the regulatory requirements and industry standards, such as B.C. Building Code, National and B.C. Fire Code.

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Fire Hose Installation

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Fire Hose Reels are a specialist piece of equipment and are normally located to cover large areas with a high risk. It is our opinion that fire hose reels should only be used when a fire risk assessment specifically recommends it.

You will enjoy our complete approach to mechanical installations, monitoring, inspection, and repairs. At Reliable Fire BC, we are eager to take care of all your fire security requirements.

Fire Hoses give backup [protection] in any incident of fire where the fire sprinkler malfunctions or when there is no sprinkler system. Occasionally, the residents of a building or firefighters use a fire hose to attack the fire.

NFPA 14 outlines all the terms in details. At Reliable Fire BC, we provide excellent products and define how they are used for your peace of mind.

Mechanical Fire Protection Installation in British Columbia

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Functional fire sprinklers are important for defending your premises from fire disaster. Of course, no sprinkler system is perfect without a fire pump. If you are constructing a new building in British Columbia or refurbishing your current property, be sure to arrange fire pump installation services to give your building with sufficient fire protection.

Do not wait until a fire emergency strikes to think about your building’s fire protection needs! Call Reliable Fire today to install a fire pump on the premises of your building.

What Does a Fire Pump Do?

When high heat starts a sprinkler head, it opens and discharges water onto the fire below, often working so efficiently that it puts out the blaze entirely before firefighters arrive. Of course, for this to happen in your building, your sprinkler system needs a fire pump to discharge water and maintain the pressure.

The type and size of fire pump you need depends on your building’s square footage and fire hazards. Our design process guarantees a good match for your fire protection requirements.

After Reliable Fire helps you size and choose the best fire pump for your building, the final step is to perform a code-compliant installation. With over two decades of practice establishing fire pumps for businesses in British Columbia, we can surely handle this process for you. The complete product gives you with peace of mind, knowing your building is adequately protected if an unexpected fire ignites. We can also help you with monthly or annual fire pump inspection after the installation.


BC Based Back Flow Preventer Installation Services

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Shielding the water supply for your business is a vital aspect of our lives. Drinkable water is fundamental, and you must ensure it is untainted and chemical-free. At Reliable Fire, We provide protection and security to our clients. To help meet your fresh water needs, we give superior backflow preventer installation!

The specialists at Reliable Fire have been installing backflow preventer for years. We use industry-leading technology and techniques to deliver you the best installation services available, and we can guarantee your satisfaction! Our team will accurately locate and install backflow preventers that will keep your water supply clean, safe, and harmful-chemical-free.

With Reliable Fire & Safety, the project always gets done right the first time. Once installed, we can also give the backflow preventer inspection and testing needed to assure your preventers remain to function optimally.Contact our Reliable Fire today to get the safety and security you need for your water supply with expert backflow preventer installation anywhere in British Columbia.