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Inspection & Testing of Restaurant Suppression System

The biggest risk to restaurants are when the grills, deep fryers and exhaust systems are not cleaned properly and maintained. Due to updated and more efficient equipment, fires in kitchens are harder to extinguish due to higher temperatures that are present.

ULC 1254 addresses the changing fire protection needs of restaurant kitchens. NFPA 17a and 96, clarify what your responsibilities for cleaning, maintenance, inspection and testing of your kitchen suppression system are. These codes require you to use a certified fire protection professional approved by your local authority (usually the fire department) to conduct all semi-annual and annual inspections and tests.

Our Inspection Process

Reliable Fire & Safety installs, maintains, inspects and tests kitchen suppression systems. Our ASTT-certified fire protection technicians will:

  • Replace your dry chemical fire suppression system with a wet chemical system that meets the ULC1254 Standard
  • Verify whether or not your wet chemical system is compliant with ULC1254
  • Inspect your existing fire suppression system every six months, in accordance with NFPA 17a and 96

If your commercial kitchen has a dry chemical fire suppression system, it must be replaced with a wet chemical system equipped with an automatic fuel shut-off that stops the flow of gas or cuts off electricity to all the appliances once the fire suppression system is tripped. The system should also automatically trip or activate the building’s fire alarm system.

Additional details about Fire Suppression System Inspection Services


At Reliable Fire and Safety BC, we certify and inspect all restaurant fire suppression systems and kitchen hood systems. Other services we provide include

  • Fire suppression system improvements
  • Modifications of current systems to meet British Columbia's fire code
  • System upgrades

Why Choose Reliable Fire & Safety for Fire Inspections?
  • Fast turn around – in most cases we will have your inspections completed in 2-3 business days
  • We submit your inspection report to the local fire authority.
  • If your system needs repairs or updates to pass code we can perform those and get you up to code quickly.
  • You will get a reminder before your 6 month inspection is due so that you stay in compliance.

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