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Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection

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Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Fire extinguishers and other equipment used to battle fires must undergo constant inspections to ensure that they are in prime condition and safe to use in case of an emergency. They must also receive maintenance procedures to make sure that they can operate properly in times of need. Portable fire extinguishers, in particular, need to be subjected to a monthly visual fire extinguisher inspection, and they also need to be examined by a professional annually.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Portable fire extinguishers shall undergo a monthly visual inspection and annual inspection as well.

A visual fire extinguisher inspection involves a cursory look over the state and functioning of the portable fire extinguishers. Here, the inspector checks if the extinguisher is in good condition and operating correctly.

During monthly visual inspections, it is also necessary to check if the fire extinguisher is placed somewhere that is easily accessible during an emergency.

Where To Mount Fire Safety Equipment

Fire extinguishing equipment shall be well maintained and replaced if damaged.

Fire extinguishers need to be placed properly within a building. They can be mounted on walls or in cabinets specially designed for fire hoses or extinguishers.

Some workplaces choose to keep them in certain rooms or hallways or near an area with a high risk of being flammable. The main requirement in any scenario is that the extinguisher is easily accessible.

When To Use Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers shall be placed in various working spaces according to the susceptibility if those areas to fire hazards.

It is also essential that those in the building are aware of the type of extinguisher and the type of fire that is supposed to be used. If the location is a place where there is a lot of flammable material such as oils, and electric sparks, it is vital that the class of the fire extinguisher used corresponds with the type of the fire. If these two criteria do not match, using the fire extinguishers might not have a positive result and can even cause explosions and give the fire fuel to spread.

It is also helpful to remember that while portable fire extinguishers are quite effective against small and easily controllable fires, they cannot be used to control large and rapidly spreading fires.

Monthly And Annual Inspection of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishing equipment shall be easily accessible in the working area and shall be well-maintained.

The monthly visual inspection of the portable fire extinguishers has to entail checking if the equipment is operational and if the place where the extinguisher is located is safe and accessible during an emergency. The monthly visual inspection can be performed by anyone trained for this purpose, and it is always a good idea to keep the results of the inspection documented for the purpose of future use.

In addition to the monthly inspection, annual inspections are also a necessity. This inspection checks whether the fire extinguishers contain the right amount of pressure and whether they are undamaged and weigh the right amount. This inspection is conducted by a licensed fire extinguisher maintenance contractor. Fire extinguishers that fail the inspection need to be replaced immediately.

In addition to testing the previously mentioned conditions, an annual inspection will also include testing the pin with a pull test and replacing the seal. The contractor will also provide an inspection tag with the inspection date on it. The inspection documentation needs to be reviewed and appropriately stored once complete so that the authorized personnel can access these documents when necessary.

Guide To Visual Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Some fire extinguishers have other requirements such as hydrostatic testing and six-year maintenance requirements. The licensed contractor who performs the inspection will also provide information on what additional tests need to be done and the kind of maintenance that is required by the extinguisher.

Here are some tips for the monthly visual fire extinguisher inspection:

  • Make sure that the fire extinguisher is in its proper, original place and that it has not been moved anywhere else.
  • Verify that the fire extinguisher is located somewhere that is easily visible and easy to locate during an emergency.
  • Make sure that the path to the extinguisher is not obstructed by any barriers.
  • Ensure that the pressure indicator is in the green range, indicating pressure levels.
  • Make sure that the pull pin and seal are intact
  • Confirm that the date on the inspection tag indicates that the last annual inspection was done less than 12 months previously.

These are tips to check for physical damage during the visual fire extinguisher inspection:

  • Make sure that the label can be read
  • Confirm that the extinguisher has no corrosion, leaks and air dents
  • Make sure that the hoses are undamaged
  • Ensure that the nozzle is not clogged

During the visual fire extinguisher inspection, each moth cleans the fire extinguishers and gets rid of any dirt and dust that is clinging to them.

If the needle in the pressure gauge is in the green some, it means that all is well. If any of the fire extinguishers have a pressure gauge in the red zone, it is necessary to recharge it.

However, note that carbon dioxide fire extinguishers do not have a meter. To its charging status, it is necessary to weigh them. It is unlikely that this will be done during the visual fire extinguisher inspection. When extinguishers are removed from the location for maintenance, be it portable fire extinguishers or otherwise, make sure to have an alternative at hand. It might also be good to cover the fire extinguishers with covers to protect them from outside influence.

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