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Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems For Office Environment

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In Vancouver, British Columbia, transitioning to clean agent suppression systems is on the rise as a better method of combating fires. Offices have a host of electronic devices such as computers, and clean agent suppression is a safer option that will protect the equipment from damage caused by water in more traditional ways of fire suppression.

The Specifics Of Clean Agent Fire Suppression

As opposed to water, a fire suppression system of this nature uses ‘clean agents’, which are gaseous materials that are also non-conductive. These clean agents prevent the most vital catalysts for combustion – heat, fuel, and Oxygen. For clean agent suppression to properly work, it is essential to fuse it with an early fire detection system which will assist fire suppression with ample time to mitigate the spread of a fire and extinguish it at its source.

Varieties Of Clean Agent Systems

Reliable Fire and Safety currently provides the installation and maintenance of the clean agent suppression systems mentioned below.

  • FM – 200: Most efficient in combating Class A, B, and C fires and is one of the most prevalent clean agents used in fire suppression. FM 200 is safe for the ozone and can be used in busy and active spaces.
  • CO2: This fire suppression system uses CO2 gas as its primary agent to deprive the fire of its main catalyst – Oxygen. CO2 in clean agent suppression displaces Oxygen in a case of a fire and is therefore very efficient. However, it is not recommended for occupied spaces.
  • Halon 1301: Unlike the FM – 200, Halon 1301 is not environmentally friendly, and therefore its production has been barred since 1994. However, suppose your office currently possesses a fire suppression system of this make. In that case, you have the right to use it by law which also allows Reliable Fire and Safety to service a system of this model.
  • INERGEN: This system is environmentally friendly and uses a mixture of Nitrogen, Argon, and CO2 as its clean agent.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Clean Agent Suppression System In Your Office Building?

You can experience the following benefits by using clean agents in your office fire suppression system.

  • Short response time - Clean agents act quickly, and in the case of a fire breaking out, they have the ability to smother it within 10 seconds
  • Limited property damage - since this fire suppression system does not use water in its mechanism, it will not harm your electrical equipment and will leave no residual material after performing its function.
  • Less downtime - Since there is very little clean-up and reorganization necessary with an office fire suppression system of this nature, you do not have to spend a lot of time resuming work at your establishment.
Fire Suppression System

The Services Provided By Reliable Fire And Safety

When the fire suppression system installed in your office is in need of servicing, Reliable Fire and Safety can conduct the following maintenance procedures.

  • Clean agent suppression system installation: If your office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is thinking of a fire suppression system installation, Reliable Fire and Safety will install a state-of-the-art office fire suppression system for you.
  • Clean agent suppression system maintenance: In order to function properly in the years to come, these office fire suppression systems have to be routinely checked. We are fully trained in performing any and all such checks that national and local fire codes demand.
  • Clean agent suppression system repair: In case you notice something defective or faulty in your existing fire suppression system, contact us for a convenient and efficient checkup of your system. Reliable Fire and Safety offers round-the-clock service for our customers.
  • Clean agent suppression system recharge: If your clean agent fire suppression system has experienced a fire already, it needs to be recharged at your earliest convenience. Our company ensures your fire suppression systems are well equipped at all times.

Contact Reliable Fire And Safety In Vancouver, BC

Contact our company and forward your queries if you’re in need of a new clean agent fire suppression system. May it be installing a new clean agent suppression system, or the maintenance of an existing one, Reliable Fire and Safety will provide an efficient fire protection service and ensure your safety at all times.

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